Inventory Control

Inventory control is an important aspect of any warehousing or storage operation. Blimp Base Storage provides inventory control services available to clients through a web-based inventory management system. 

Inventory Management System Features

View All of Your Items and Equipment in Storage

If you elect to use our inventory management system, we will individually photograph and inventory all items and equipment you store with us. Pallets, containers, skids, and single items or pieces of equipment are marked or barcoded for identification. Once you log in to our inventory management system, you will be shown this same inventory, with each item having a picture and description. Items can be categorized and sorted for easier searching or identification.

View a History of All Inbound and Outbound Shipments

From the same inventory management system, you can also view a history of all inbound and outbound shipments. All shipments are photodocumented and all paperwork is scanned and uploaded for client access. You can view shipments against a calendar or can simply list and sort them.

Request Items To Be Pulled

If you need to schedule a pickup, you can do so in a manner similar to adding an item to a cart when shopping online. When you 'checkout,' you fill in information relevant to the pickup and we will pull the items requested and have them ready for you.

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