Unrivaled Industrial Lay Down Yard

Lay Down Yard Features

Stable Ground

Blimp Base Storage has created an unbeatable lay down yard by utilizing a large portion of the former Hitchcock Naval Air Station's landing pad. This provided a military grade, 18-inch thick, stabilized base to build atop of. Additional lay down yard space was constructed with a similar mindset to create a total of approximately 55 acres of stabilized lay down yard space. If you can truck it in, we can store it on our lay down yard.

Rain and Floods Don't Stand a Chance

Despite our proximity to the coast line, it's fairly difficult for a flood to come close to touching our 18 feet above sea level elevation. Complimenting that, our lay down yard utilizes the drainage system engineered and constructed for the former Naval Air Station's enormous facility. Even with torrential rain, your equipment will be much safer from standing water and washout on our lay down yard.

No Project Too Big, No Equipment Too Heavy

Over the years, our lay down yard has been tested and proven many times. Our lay down yard has stored a wide variety of equipment such as generators, wind mills, whole oil refineries, turbines, cooling towers, vessels, and much more. 

Our company is well experienced in handling:

  • Construction and project staging
  • Auction and asset recovery staging
  • Shipping and cargo container storage
  • Trailer storage
  • Heavy equipment storage
  • Power generation equipment storage
  • Petrochemical equipment storage

Ultimately, whatever your needs are, we can accommodate.

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